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Two years in a row! Best Annual Festival!

also! The winner of the
2012 Denver Mayor's
Design Award!

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Dates & Venue:

2014 DATES:
Friday - Sunday

August 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2014
Friday 12 - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm - Viva Denver Day! 

National Western Complex
4655 Humboldt St.
Denver, CO 80216
Expo Hall, Hall of Education, Stadium Hall & Stadium

Reduced Parking Fees!:
($8 per day)
National Western Complex

We suggest carpooling, public transportation and riding your bike to the fair! FREE Bike & Scooter parking out front!

No Dogs Allowed unless they are service dogs or are entered into a competition at the fair.

Take RTD Bus #48 to get to the National Western.


Who will win the nation’s first Blue Ribbon for “Best Marijana Plant” at a county fair?  Find out this August, when Denver County Fair makes history yet AGAIN with the world's first Pot Pavilion! Competitions are listed below!

A big shout out to our Pot Pavilion Sponsor Medically Correct, incredibles and Top Shelf Extracts! We appreciate their support!

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Blue Ribbon competitions, live music, pot-themed vendors and entertainment will make this a must-see stop at the 2014 Fair! You will KNOW you are in the Mile High City!

Our new Pot Pavilion will be on a separate, upstairs level, alongside the new Beer Pavilion.  Both will require a 21-and-over ID verification for entry ( unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. ) In compliance with Denver’s new laws, there will be no marijuana allowed on the premises during this event. Judging for some categories in the Pot Pavilion will be held offsite. Attendees over 21 will be able to experience cutting edge Denver pot culture in a safe, fun, and educational environment.

Highlights of the Pot Pavilion:Click here for the special edition poster!

  • Pot Pavilion Stage with hourly events
  • Live Blue Ribbon Competitions like “Speed Rolling” and a “Doritos Eating Contest”
  • Live Bands and comedians
  • Laser Light Show
  • Grateful Dead karaoke
  • Blue ribbon Competition displays (No marijuana will be onsite.  Some entries will be represented with photos. ) 
  • Exhibitors sharing information and discount coupons
  • Vendors selling pot-related merchandise, including paraphenalia and counter-culture items. 


Enter our Blue Ribbon Pot Competitions:

  • Best Marijuana Plant 
    Sponsored by:
  • Best Clone Plant
  • Best Marijuana Plant – Homegrown, Organic, Hybrid
    Most Unique Hybrid Plant
  • Best Marijuana Plant – Commercial, Organic, Hybrid
  • Largest Bud – grown indoors
  • Largest Bud – grown outdoors
  • Most Potent Bud – Lab Tested
  • Best Hash
    Sposnored by:
  • Best Brownie Infused Recipe
  • Best Sweet Confection Infused Recipe (non-Brownie) 
    Sponsored by:
  • Best Savory Infused Recipe
  • Best Novelty Edible Recipe
    Sponsored by:
  • Best Gluten-Free Infused Recipe
  • Best Hemp Fabric
  • Best Hemp Garment
    Sponsored by:
    Supporting Sponsor! 
  • Best Homemade Bong
  • Best Homemade Roach Clip
  • Best Tie-Dye
  • Best Pot Pin Collection
  • Best Pot Pin Original Design
  • Live Competition: Joint Speed Rolling
    Sponsored by:
  • Live Competition: Dorito Eating Contest
  • Live Competition: Bud Trimming (Offsite – Live)
    Sponsorship RESERVED 


Join our Pot Pavilion vendors and exhibitors!

  • Retail Marijuana Stores
  • Head shops and marijuana accessory stores
  • Informational, educational booths
  • Tie-dye vendors
  • Themed items, incl;uding clothing, posters and more!
  • Alternative, counter-culture businnesses and products

Be part of the Pot Pavilion!