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Two years in a row! Best Annual Festival!

also! The winner of the
2012 Denver Mayor's
Design Award!

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Dates & Venue:

2014 DATES:
Friday - Sunday

August 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2014
Friday 12 - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm - Viva Denver Day! 

National Western Complex
4655 Humboldt St.
Denver, CO 80216
Expo Hall, Hall of Education, Stadium Hall & Stadium

Reduced Parking Fees!:
($8 per day)
National Western Complex

We suggest carpooling, public transportation and riding your bike to the fair! FREE Bike & Scooter parking out front!

No Dogs Allowed unless they are service dogs or are entered into a competition at the fair.

Take RTD Bus #48 to get to the National Western.

County fairs are all about far out FOOD! And Denver County Fair is stepping up our game – with an exploding smorgasbord of ...


When you arrive, pick up your Denver County Fair FOOD MAP that will be your guide to all the Foodie Highlights, Booths and Events!   


Welcome Pavilion:
Solar Roast Coffee
Roaming the fair!
Little Man Ice Cream
Indoors Food Court:
The Dessert Stand
MoBev Hydration Station 
La Hacienda 
Ben and Jerry's 
The Inventing Room
The Shoppe - Pie on a Stick!
Outdoor Patio: 
Little Brother Donuts
La Hacienda 
Food Trucks:
Pot Kettle Black
OG Burgers 
Route 40 
Crazy Good Food 
Little India 
Biker Jims 
Moes BBQ 


Food Truck Round Up!
Friday NOON – 9:00 pm 

Saturday NOON – 8:00pm   

Sunday NOON – 6:00pm

Join us out on the Patio  as we celebrate Denver’s fabulous Food Trucks at special daily events! Food Truck line-ups will change daily, music  and cooling mist-tents will be on tap, and special events are planned!



Andrew Novick’s X-Treme Pancake Breakfast  - Saturday 

Our first year, Andrew grilled so many pancakes, he blew a fuse at the National Western. More than 500 attendees lined up to try pancakes the likes of which no human had ever encountered. Pancakes topped with gummy worms, artichokes, 20 kinds of butter and so much more!   

This year, Andrew is back – with a X-Treme Breakfast offerings.  In addition to the X-Treme Pancakes on Saturday morning ( 10:00 – 1:00 at the Gazebo )


Don’t Judge Me!

… Unless you’re gonna give me the Blue Ribbon!  You’ll be able to browse the hundreds of food competition entries in our Kitchen and Farm and Garden Pavilions – everything from Cream Pies to Celebrity Look-Alike Produce!

You know what’s even MORE fun that looking at the entries?  Creating your OWN entries!  Check out our new streamlined system for entering our food competitions!  Everything you need to know is here!

Competitive Eating Competitions – How Many Blue Ribbons Can YOU Eat?

Well, you don’t actually EAT the Blue Ribbons – you WIN them, by eating stuff! And each Blue Ribbon comes with a free Denver County Fair poster! Schedule TBA!


Let’s Fry it and Dip It in Chocolate!

… and then wrap bacon around it!  At Denver County Fair, we understand your natural cravings, and we’re here to help. Our Food Map will help you pinpoint which booths are serving fried pickles, funnel cakes, chocolate-covered bacon, fried cookies, Twinkie Dogs and whatever other culinary perversion you desire. It’s the last weekend of summer! Go for it!

Colorado Beer Garden

Denver is one of the nation’s micro-brew capitals! We have more local beers than you can shake a stick at, and here’s your chance to try a bunch of them! Buy them by the glassful or ask for the Beer Garden Sampler Special! 

Blue Ribbon Foodie Award!

Did you just read this whole page and want to do it all?  Then you, my friend, could win a Blue Ribbon Foodie Award at the Denver County Fair!  When you arrive, pick up a Denver County Fair Food Map with the Blue Ribbon Foodie Award instructions on the back. There will be a list of “tasks” and foods to taste at the fair.  Complete any 10, have the vendor initial that you’ve actually done it, turn in your list to the Kitchen Pavilion manager, and she’ll give you your Blue Ribbon Foodie Award to wear proudly as you waddle out the door and into the world.