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Dates & Venue:

2014 DATES:
Friday - Sunday

August 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2014
Friday 12 - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm - Viva Denver Day! 

National Western Complex
4655 Humboldt St.
Denver, CO 80216
Expo Hall, Hall of Education, Stadium Hall & Stadium

Reduced Parking Fees!:
($8 per day)
National Western Complex

We suggest carpooling, public transportation and riding your bike to the fair! FREE Bike & Scooter parking out front!

No Dogs Allowed unless they are service dogs or are entered into a competition at the fair.

Take RTD Bus #48 to get to the National Western.

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WALK-IN ENTRIES ACCEPTED FOR LIMITED CATEGORIES (See list below) --- Wednesday, July 30, 3:00 – 7:00 pm only.

Details on entering the competitions below. Questions email:

VENUE ADDRESS: 4655 Humboldt Street

Walk-in Registration:  We will be accepting walk-in entries for classes that have more than 5 entries as of July 30th.  Check the website on July 28th to see if your class is eligible for walk-in registration.  Walk-in entries will ONLY be accepted on Wednesday, July 30th from 3pm – 7pm (except for Animal entries).  Animal Walk-in entries are on Thursday, July 31st from 4pm – 7pm.  The walk-in entry fee is $7.00 for each entry, no discounts. Entry guidelines here 

Check-In (for online entries):
  •  When you enter and pay through the online competition entry system, your class entry tags will be ready upon arrival to attach and submit your entries for the fair. Please bring a printed copy of your receipt with you to check-in and at check-out. Take your entries to the appropriate Pavilion and check-in with the Pavilion Competition Manager.  You will receive your exhibitor information there.
  • Drop off times are Wednesday, July 30th 3 - 7pm and Thursday, July 31st, 8 -11am. Exceptions are as follows:
  • All Art entries must check in on Wednesday, July 30th from 3 – 7pm.  This allows us enough time to build the Fair Gallery.
  • All Bread entries must check-in on Thursday, July 31st, from 8 – 11am in order to maintain freshness.
  • All Kitchen Entries requiring refrigeration must check-in on Thursday, July 31st from 8 – 11am.

All Animal entries must Check-in and Walk-in on Thursday, July 31st, from 4 – 7pm for vet checks.  Entry of animals dropped outside of this designated time is at the discretion of the Pavilion supervisor.


Birds - Chickens, Backyard 
Small Rodents
Painting - Traditional/Representational
Painting - Contemporary
Painting - Other
Works on Paper
Mixed Media
Digital Art
Photography - Nature/Landscape
Photography - Animals
Photography - Editorial/Narrative
Photography - Travel
Photography - Other
Artist Trading Cards - Single Card Image
Artist Trading Cards - Multi-Card Image



Peeps Diorama
Repurposed/Recycled Materials 
Other Craft Items
Vegetable, Peppers
Vegetable, Vine Growing
Culinary Herb
Clothing Design
Jewelry Design
Space & Sci-Fi Model Building
Homeopathic Remedies and Therapies
Lotions and Soaps
Pie - Fruit, Apple
Pie - Fruit, Other
Pie - Other
Pastry and Cookies
Cake or Cheesecake
Pickled Vegetable - Cucumber
Pickled Vegetable - Other
Cured & Smoked Meats
Homebrew Beer - Pale Ale, American/English
Homebrew Beer - India Pale Ale
Homebrew Beer - Belgian and French Ale
Homebrew Beer - Stout
Homebrew Beer - Fruit Beer
Homebrew Beer - Spice/Herb/Vegetable
Homebrew Beer - Specialty Beer
Homebrew Beer - Standard Cider and Perry
Wine - Red
Wine - White
Wine - Apéritif, Dessert and Other
Best Tie-Dye
Best Homemade Bong or Pipe

Best Homemade Roach Clip



We're FAMOUS for our non-traditional County Fair competition categories! Read through the list, and you're bound to see a few you want to go for! We also have several of the classic categories too! Pickles, pies, knitting, sewing and more! It's all about sharing your genius - and showing ourselves how creative Denverites are! Healthy, competitive fun!  Catch Blue Ribbon Fever!

We invite ALL Colorado Residents to enter the 2014 Competitions listed in the guidelines. Competitions are open to individuals 12 years old and above. We also have a JUNIOR competition section in most categories - for kids to enter! Denver 4H is also hosting several Youth Competitions this year!


Competition Information & General Rules

ONLINE ENTRIES ARE CLOSED.  Walk-ins accepted in some categories.  See Walk-In List. 

Guidelines: Please carefully review our 2013 Denver County Fair Competition Guidelines as some have changed for this year. Read the general information and rules here as well as the specific criteria by class under each Pavilion section.

Entries: Entries must have been created within one calendar year prior to this year’s fair, by a resident of Colorado. (There is an exception for wine and mead - details in the Kitchen Pavilion section.)

Fair Location: The Denver County Fair is held at the National Western Complex, 4655 Humboldt Street, Denver, CO 80216. The National Western Complex is located just east of I-25 on I-70 and is easily accessible by taking the Brighton Blvd. or Denver Coliseum exits. The National Western Complex is also accessible by RTD Bus #48.

Competition Classes: Details of each competition class are listed under each respective Pavilion. Classes may be combined or divided at the discretion of the Competition Director or judges. Want to compete but don’t see a class that fits your entry? Encourage your friends and friendly rivals to join you! If we have enough entries for a new, unique class we’ll create one! E-mail for more information.

Responsibility: The Denver County Fair, LLC and their staff will use reasonable diligence to insure the safety of all entries after their arrival and placement but in no case will they be responsible for any loss or damage done to any articles on exhibition. The exhibitors shall indemnify Denver County Fair, LLC and their staff of all legal or other proceedings in regard thereto. Entries on the show grounds by any and all exhibitors shall signify his/her agreement to abide by and agree to this rule.

Competition Timeline:

Friday, July 25 - 12:00 midnight – Deadline for online entries. - ONLINE CLOSED

Monday, July 28 – Competition categories available for walk-in entries announced at

Wednesday, July 30, 3:00 – 7:00 pm – Competition Check-In, most categories, and ALL Art Pavilion entries and Walk-In entries.

Thursday, July 31, 8:00 – 11:00 am – Competition Check-in, most categories and ALL Bread and items requiring refrigeration.

Thursday, July 31, 4:00 – 7:00 pm – Competition Check-in and vet checks for ALL Animal entries. (Pets may be taken home nightly.)

Friday, August 1, 5:00-8:00pm – Art Pavilion wine and cheese reception for art entrants and public.

Saturday, August 2 – Notification via email to Blue Ribbon Winners.

Sunday, August 3, 5:00 pm – Awards Ceremony for Blue Ribbon Winners.

Sunday, August 3, 6:00 – 8:00 pm – Pick up your entries at the fairgrounds.

Online Registration:

  • Entries must be entered via our new 21st Century Fairs online registration system. If you cannot enter online, please send an email for support:
  • Deadline for online entries is Friday, July 25 at midnight.
  • Online Entry Fees are $5 per entry, or enter five or more items to get an automatic $5 discount in the system.
  • The online system will send you a confirmation email for your competition entries listed and an invoice marked “paid.”
  • Entry fees are non-refundable. No refunds will be provided for not showing.
  • Entries entered erroneously in incorrect classes may be transferred to the correct class at the discretion of the Fair staff.
  • Online entries receive one FREE weekend pass per entrant.

Judging: Judging is a blind process in which your exhibitor number is the only identification. Most classes are judged before the fair opens, but some classes will be judged during fair hours and open to the public. If judging is during fair hours, you are welcome to observe and listen to the judges’ comments. However, no discussion is allowed between exhibitors and judges.

Ribbons & Cash Prizes:
First Place Blue Ribbon will receive a $20 cash award in each competition class with more than five entries. Competition classes with less than five entries will not have a cash prize for 1st place. Second Place Red Ribbons and Third Place White Ribbons will be awarded with no cash prize. All ribbons will be displayed alongside the entry for the public to see. A First Place Blue Ribbon is not guaranteed in every class. If the judges conclude the top entry is not worthy of a blue ribbon, a Red Ribbon will be the top award. Each entry will be judged on its own merit using the judging guidelines.


  • Winners will be contacted when judging is completed and will be invited to participate in the Awards Ceremony. The Awards Ceremony will be held at the Gazebo Stage at 3pm on Sunday.
  • In each Pavilion, we will also be awarding Green Ribbons with $20 in County Fair Cash good at the Denver County Fair Store for outstanding entries using sustainable methods, i.e., local ingredients, etc. If you would like to be included in this competition, please include a description of what makes your entry “green”.
  • A Pavilion Grand Champion prize will be awarded to the exhibitor that wins the most ribbons in each Pavilion, provided that the exhibitor wins at least five ribbons and one is a blue ribbon. The cash prize for the Grand Champion is $100. 

Release of Entries: Please return to the Fair to pick up your exhibits on Sunday, the last day of the fair,  6 – 8pm. Exhibits not picked up will be discarded Sunday at 8:00pm. Because we want to showcase all our exhibits and exhibitors for the duration of the fair, we do not allow removal of entries prior to 6pm on Sunday. Removal of any entry before the designated time will result in forfeiture of award money and ribbon. If necessary, perishable items may be discarded before the end of the fair to maintain sanitary conditions.


  • Entry Fees are $5, 5 entries for $20

20% of all competition entry fees are going to local charities!

Geek Pavilion
Farm and Garden, History, Holistic, Liquid Libations and Sports Pavilions
Pot Pavilion
Animal Pavilion
Craft Pavilion
Kitchen Pavilion
Art Pavilion
Fashion Pavilion


2014 Competitions Categories!

Animal Pavilion Kitchen & Food Entries
Birds - Chickens, Backyard Pie - Fruit, Apple
Birds - Chickens, Professional Pie - Fruit, Cherry
Backyard Chicken Coop Pie - Fruit, Other
Birds - Waterfowl Pie - Other
Birds - Other Bread
Goats Cupcake or Muffin
Rabbits Cake or Cheesecake
Small Rodents Chocolate & Candy
Junior Pastry and Cookies
  Baked Goods - Specialty
Arts Pavilion Cake Decorating
Painting - Traditional/Representational Jam
Painting - Contemporary Jelly
Painting – Other Preserves
Sculpture/Ceramics Chutney/Relish
Works on Paper Green Chili/Salsa
Mixed Media Sauces
Photography - Nature/Landscape Pickled Vegetable - Cucumber
Photography - Animals Pickled Vegetable - Other
Photography - Travel Cheese
Photography - Editorial/Narrative Molded Gelatin Dessert
Photography – Other Honey and/or Honeycomb
Artist Trading Cards – Single Card Image Cured & Smoked Meats
Artist Trading Cards – Multi- Card Image Junior
Crop Art  
Digital Art Liquid Libations
Poetry - I Heart Denver Theme Homebrew Beer - Light Lager
Junior Homebrew Beer - Pilsner
  Homebrew Beer - European Amber Lager
  Homebrew Beer - Dark Lager
Geek Pavilion  Homebrew Beer - Bocks, Doppelbock/Eisbock/Bock/Weizenbock
Homemade Robot Homebrew Beer - Light or Amber Hybrid
Geek Art Homebrew Beer - Scottish and Irish Ale
Space & Sci-Fi Model Building Homebrew Beer - Pale Ale, American/English
Junior Homebrew Beer - English Brown Ale
  Homebrew Beer - Porter
Holistic Pavilion Homebrew Beer - Stout
Lotions and Soaps Homebrew Beer - India Pale Ale
Homeopathic Remedies and Therapies Homebrew Beer - German Wheat and Rye
Divination and Wrapped Crystals Homebrew Beer - Belgian and French Ale
  Homebrew Beer - Sour Ale
Farm & Garden Pavilion  Homebrew Beer - Belgian Strong Ale
Vegetable, Leaf or Root Homebrew Beer - Strong Ale
Vegetable, Vine Growing Homebrew Beer - Fruit Beer
Vegetable, Peppers Homebrew Beer - Spice/Herb/Vegetable
Vegetable, Other Homebrew Beer - Smoke-flavored & Wood-aged
Tomato Homebrew Beer - Specialty Beer
Fruit Homebrew Beer - Traditional Mead
Culinary Herb Homebrew Beer - Fruit or Other Mead
Novelty House Plant or Produce Homebrew Beer - Standard Cider and Perry
Small Container Garden Homebrew Beer - Specialty Cider and Perry
Cut Flower Wine - Red
Compost Wine - White
Native Plant or Xeriscape Backyard Transformation Wine - Apéritif, Dessert and Other
Junior Spirits/Liqueurs
Craft Pavilion  Pot Pavilion
Sewing Best Marijuana Plant – Homegrown
Needleworks Best Marijuana Plant – Commercial
Knitting Most Unique Hybrid Plant
Crochet Largest Bud
Quilting Best Hash
Spinning and Weaving Best Brownie Infused Recipe
Scrapbooking Best Sweet Confection Infused Recipe (non-Brownie)
Repurposed/Recycled Materials Best Savory Infused Recipe
Peeps Diorama Best Novelty Edible Recipe
Toys Best Gluten-Free Infused Recipe
Other Craft Items Best Hemp Fabric
Junior – Rubber Band Loom Creation Best Hemp Garment
Junior Best Homemade Bong
  Best Homemade Roach Clip
History Pavilion Best Tie-Dye
Denver Antique Best Pot Pin Collection
Family Tree Presentation Best Pot Pin Original Design
Fashion Pavilion Sports Pavilion
Clothing Design Best Homemade Sports Fan Attire
Jewelry Design Best Denver Sports Fan Tattoo
Junior Most Over-the-top Fan Creation